Our story

Athena Premier Resort is an international standard resort, built in a famous world heritage conservation area. Being famous for its luxury and modernity but still with a touch of natural beauty, this place is truly a perfect destination, making visitors want to come but not want to leave.

Right from the beginning of the journey and having to choose a place to stay, Athena Premier Resort came to Tam Coc because of the grandeur and fanciness of its natural beauty. Originating from the love for beautiful, rich nature, considering nature as a close and familiar friend, not a stranger, Athena Premier Resort wants to tell a story about returning, connecting and rediscovering the original copy in every person.

With a total area of 20,000 m2, Athena Premier Resort is delicately designed, fully equipped with luxurious services and amenities while still ensuring the freshness and privacy of a classy resort. Thanks to the favor of mother nature, Athena Premier Resort has a very convenient location for travel. From here, visitors can easily move to nearby tourist destinations such as Trang An, Tam Coc, Mua Cave, Thung Nham bird garden or Cuc Phuong National Forest, Bai Dinh Pagoda.

Athena Premier Resort is surrounded by smooth green vegetation, as if in the middle of a wonderful symphony of trees, mountains and rivers and lakes. The system of 33 separate apartments is built in a large, spacious space, designed in harmony with the surrounding landscape. Taking advantage of all that nature offering has created distinct and unique highlights.

In addition to its architecture and classy and luxurious space, Athena Premier Resort attracts visitors with its comfort and variety of forms of relaxation and entertainment. Visitors can relax and immerse themselves under the waterfall with the cool natural water of the mountains and forests on hot summer days in the outdoor infinity pool and four-season swimming pool, this is an ideal relaxation spot for tourists who stay for long days in Tam Coc.


Utilities for you

Free Wifi
Providing free Wifi to customers during their stay at Athena Premier Resort.
Car Parking
Spacious and professional parking lot helps customers feel secure when coming to us.
Smart TV
Large screen Smart TV helps customers and families have wonderful relaxing moments.
Outdoor Pool
Built next to a rocky mountainside, next to it is a unique Koi fish tank, with a waterfall flowing from the cliff.
Free breakfast
All groups coming to Athena Premier Resort are served free breakfast every day.
Sauna Bathhouse
A place where visitors can relax in hot water in the middle of a cold winter day, surrounded by melodious music.


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